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Wow...Tom Fulp has outdone himself

2007-07-17 21:17:49 by Khonjin

Well, I see Newgrounds has changed alot. And so have I, so I will be doing alot of upgrading to this profile later, for now, it is as it is. Just trying out this crazy post on front page of NG thing. I don't plan on using this feature in more than 30 days anyway. :D

Well, I guess if you want something intresting to look at I can show you an sneek preview of my new movie, All Your Mario. I started it along time ago and decided to finish it. So here ya go.

It's a Mario Bloopers Movie with 1 blooper from every mario game ever made! (Even some N64 ones, whatever game I can get sprites for I will animate) pretty sweet eh?

Also have a contest for a custom sprited blooper that I will put in this movie if its good enough.

Normally I would submitt this to NG but I can't because people don't really like trailers (I know from experience) and its over 1 MG so I can't put it in the Alphas. I think the Update is great, but I will miss the old NG. So I guess that's just about it. I'll be back in 30 days. :)


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2007-07-17 21:26:15

Yeah, the redesign is pretty crazy isn't it. :)

Also, I watched the movie. Pretty good, I suppose. I actually thought the opening was better than the movie, at least in concept. Think about it, we've all seen OMG MARIO VS SONIC and whatever, but different versions of Mario against each other? Pretty interesting.

As for the rest of it, currently if it were on NewGrounds I'd give it a 2. You've got some work to do, but it's not horrible. :O

Anyways, what do you mean "I'll be back in 30 days"? You can post more as much as you want, you can only put it on the front page once every 30 days. :P


2007-07-17 21:36:11

Wait what? Front page posting is 30 days now? It said 7 days when I checked, now I wish I saved my post : (


2007-07-17 21:38:11

The new design is gay. Not too much changed, as far as the layout and look of things, but I guess the features is what is keeping us from rioting. :/

Also the movie was.... good.


2007-07-18 21:48:15

He really did, you should mention the other people as well, because they did partial of the work also!